New Feature – Spell Check!

You can now spellcheck your comments (and I can spell check my posts!)

When you click the “Check spelling” link above the comment window the spell checker will kick in – it’ll highlight questionable words and show a pop-up of suggested alternatives. When you click on the correct spelling of the word it will make the correction – but you won’t see the correction right away – I think this is because of the Ajax Comment Preview plug-in.

In any case, when you click on “Resume editing” the corrections are made. Even though this isn’t ideal (I wish the text was updated immediately) it does at least show you where your typos are!

I may shut the Ajax Preview function off – I think the Spell Checker adds more functionality.

I used the G̦SPress plugin for this Рavailable here.


  1. Note, my language is Tamil, which doesn’t use a Roman Script. Typing it out in my language would take a lot of pain, and require special fonts on your PC. So, I used the Latin Script form of it, which is what most of us Tamil Texters and IMers use….

    And it’s meaning? Try any translator(if you can find one, that is…)

    Hope your shoulder’s well…

  2. oh well, maybe we’ll just start a party and start cussing in our native languages?

    I’ll start off: Ara Lusu.

  3. I get that a lot, when I speak my native language …

    Did you try googling “scheveningse schollekop”?

  4. 🙂 Well, none of the online translators (there are a LOT of them!) can figure it out!

  5. Scheveningen: .. where I was born ..

  6. You can ask Kari to let her husband translate it for you (although .. what we call ‘schol’, the flemmish call ‘pladijs’).

  7. Scheveningse schollekop!

  8. Paul – notice that you can also right click the arrow to the right of “Check spelling” and change the language to Dutch. I figure it’s only a matter of time before you cuss me out in Dutch, and I want to make sure you spell the words correctly 😎

  9. Hah! Because Speel is a real word 🙂

    speel – verb (used with object), verb (used without object) Scot. and North England. to climb; ascend; mount.

    I did correct my Speeling though 🙂

  10. it’ll highlight questionable words

    It didn’t highlight “Speel Checker”? (“ I think the Speel Checker adds more functionality“)