New Look – revisited

OK, I’ve spent the whole day looking at the “new look” of my blog.  Generally, I still like it. 

There are some issues.  Images still don’t work the way I want expect them to.  I have ads showing up in more places than I planned on (I am playing with a lot of ad placement – just to see what works – they won’t all be staying, but I didn’t expect the ads to show up under the titles of each post once you click through to that post.  And for the life of me, right now I don’t know where they are coming from).

I don’t like the size of the font in the sidebars.  Too small for me – but simply increasing the text size seems to break the boundaries of the sidebars.  Gotta fix that at a lower level, I guess.

I don’t like the advertising bar under the header (I kind of like the ads in the top right of the header though – it’s fun to see what Google places there – like diet ads when I post about “trimming RSS feeds”.  That’s pure entertainment for me!).  I want to replace the advertising bar under the header with my pages.  I don’t like the pages listed stacked in the sidebar.  They must relocate!

The WordPress BlogRoll is seriously broken in this theme.  I disabled it.  But I miss it – even though I like the partial RSS feeds (bottom left) that I now have for the blogs of some of my favorite peoples.

Of course some things are goofy in other browsers (besides IE, which I assume this template was targeted to).  Mostly the little green arrows in the sidebars are out of place on Mozilla based browsers.  It annoys me.

And finally – this theme DOES seem to load faster for me – and yes, I cut out some excess fat unrelated to the theme – but I think my previous “Neon Green” theme was just to graphic intensive – I like the cleaner “no graphic” look to this blog.

But I’m sure I’ll change it soon enough.  Perhaps I’ll even do a custom theme (or beg for someone to do one for me).  The truth is, I can’t find a theme I like – I want the following:

WordPress 2.x compatible

Widget ready

Three column

Shades of gray would be the ultimate

Slender – very little to no graphics

Shrinks and grows depending on my screen resolution/browser size (I hate it when I am on a small screen and the blog still only takes 70% of my browser real estate!)

I’m sure there’s more – but those are the things I am thinking of now.  Perhaps I should write up a requirements document and see what it would take to get a custom theme…