New Look!

Yes, I got tired of the Neon Green too!  But mostly I got tired of images not working correctly in my old theme – I hope they are nicer in this one. Here’s a test image of my kids a long time ago!









I’ve also played around with some other changes – we’ll see how they work out.


  1. Yeppers – I figure it’s best to make a lot of changes at once – give’s you something to search for 🙂

    And of course – I did place some ads (quite a few, in fact). I don’t think they are too intrusive, and for now I am just playing with them to see what makes sense. I did make a whopping 18 cents today though!


  2. oh wow, I just noticed you also have links on the left hand side of your blog as well! And the temperatures…heh. Very nice facelift indeed.

  3. oh this is nice. Just right. Thanks!

  4. Larger font in the post section, or in general? I just increased the post size from 10 to 12 – let me know if that’s enough (I can certainly handle bigger text myself!)


  5. I like it and the calendar to the right. Neat! Maybe slight larger font?

    Your son is a chip off the old block…