New web server, new web theme

I moved my blog to a newer, faster server that isn’t on my little cable modem :).

It should be faster (it is for me!).  As you can see, I am also playing with a new theme, so things are in a bit of a flux as far as the layout of the home page goes.


  1. Yuvi – I agree – I like the comments, hate the ugly widgets! This theme is make by this guy: It’s called Tigopedia Releaded v1.0.


  2. The comments view on the new theme look actually much better than on the old one though:)

    I hate the widgets though 🙂

  3. – Paul recommended it – and after we got some initial bugs worked out, I love it. Drop-dead easy to manage. I have 14 domains on my site now – I pay $14.95 a month ($19.95/month after the first six months) for it.

    Hard to beat that.


  4. david says:

    so where is this being hosted?

  5. Yup… a VERY noticable (positive) change in load speed.

  6. Yeah – me too – but that domain and this one are both pointing to the same place right now. The theme I was tring to use before (when you previewed it) worked great – until I moved all my data to it… then it broke 🙁

    At this point, I am just tempted to have someone build me a custom theme that does what I want, and looks how I want.

  7. Can’t wait till goes live…love that theme a lot.

  8. @Deannie – yeah, I love the speed – especially when doing admin stuff (like backing up the database) – what used to take an hour takes minutes.

    But I hate this theme – all the ads everywhere. I’ve made $28 off Google Ads in six months – hardly worth me having them here. But they are built into this theme. I’ll find a better theme in the coming days, time permitting.


  9. @Katie: Well, that’s a long story, but I’ll keep it short. I needed to feed my kids, I found a guy that seemed passionate about it. I turned everything over to him.

    He never did anything with it, so about two months ago I took the domain, etc back from him.

    So now I am trying to figure out what to do next. Right now, I am too busy on a new business venture to give it proper time.

    So it’s dormant now… but I am still hoping to revive it at some point. I’ve been working with a couple other education-oriented sites lately, and I hope to somehow roll The Learning Locker into those. But nothing to announce – not for some time.

    BTW, Non-Profits are a HELL of a lot harder to do than FOR profits. Who would have thunk it?


  10. Ok Rob I have a question what ever happen to the Learning Locker? Dish man

  11. wow, the load speeds are GREAT!

  12. BTW – I don’t like this theme – but my old one wouldn’t work, and for now, I don’t have any more time to mess with this today 🙂