New Year, New Look

I got tired of looking at the old theme every day, so I’ve made the jump from mostly green to mostly blue.

I hope it is appealing.  I still have some cleanup to do on some things, but I think mostly everything is functioning.


  1. @Paul – yes, tomorrow will be very cold here. Was 34 when I woke up this morning and will be much colder than that tomorrow. Ugh!

  2. @Deannie .. Nice! I was about to say that that (winter) is of no concern to Rob (San Antonio) and me (Florida) .. but I noticed it’s rather cold right now in San Antonio, and it’s getting close to freezing here this Wednesday..

  3. I always leave my hair longer ( in the winter for practical reasons (keeps my neck warm).

  4. @Deannie … not only that … it’s the kind of “mine is shorter than yours”! (which is a rather rare comparison between men, mind you!)

    But hey .. feel free to join in!

  5. oh my goodness, this has turned into a “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” contest?!?

  6. @Rob… Incorrect. I don’t just do have short hair. I chose to have it short (clipper #2, not shaven) some 12 years ago. It takes frequent trips to Walmart’s hair-cut-department ($12) to keep it this short. No “thin places” whatsoever (not that I would care).
    And yes, I will link back once I post my picture after you post yours.

  7. @Paul – you are right. I forgot that. I’ll trim it up tomorrow and get a shot. When you post your hippie-hair, link it back here.

    And I bet you are missing that hair right about now. I mean, I CHOSE to have short hair… you just… do 😉

  8. Speaking of new looks … Where’s that picture of you with the shaved head that you promised us?
    I’ll make you a deal!
    If you post it, I will post my “Jesus” picture.. (me with long hair)

  9. Very refreshing, like a cool ocean breeze.

  10. You have to be on the front page to drag the sidebar items – if the green dot is in the upper right of the sidebar widget, you can move it.

  11. Cool – I just realized you can drag the sections of the sidebar around and put them in whatever order you want them in instead of the order I have chose.

  12. OK, that was an easy fix. Open DIVs will mess you up! 🙂

  13. Argh. I see my theme breaks off the right sidebar when viewing a single post. Wonder what is causing that?

    It’ll have to wait – I have client work to do today!

  14. @Sisir – if he doesn’t announce a Mac Tablet, then he won’t interest me!

  15. Nice change right in time for the Macworld….wonder how much Steve Jobs will surprise us this time around….

  16. @Deannie – yeah – I see the emoticons don’t work. 🙁 There’s always something!

    And yes, I left the creator’s link just as they had it. They made it tactfully small!

  17. @Paul: There is an attribution link already at the very bottom of the page for this theme…

  18. I like it too although the little smiley things (emoticons for the technical crowd) don’t really work by clicking on them 🙁

  19. I like it … Nice Apple theme…

    Why not publically thanking the folks who provided this iTheme for free by giving us a link to where you got it?