NewsGang Live

gillmor_gang I call into a live podcast (but it isn’t really a podcast – it’s a neighborhood meeting where the world is the neighborhood) often on MON-THU.

Steve Gillmor is the host, and the producer is his wife, Tina.

Yesterdays show was pretty different from most.  First, while I am explaining to another caller that she needs to stop talking all the time to be able to listen, she interrupts me and I ask her to shut the hell up.  Then later I drop the F-Bomb.  Like I said – unusual show :) 

I think if you listen to the show (it’s a long one, sorry) you will understand why I dropped the F-Bomb.  I had been pretty patient.  But I can’t stay patient for ever!

The show streams live MON-THU at

I don’t know how I come across – I’ve never listened to a recording of the show that I was on.  I think if I did, I might not call back.  And I enjoy the conversation.  Interesting people who define the immediate topic of the show and a host that blends it into an overall theme.

Presidential Debates should be run more like NewsGang Live (not yesterdays show though, please!)  People from different parts of the country, as well as the rest of the world, share their opinion – and they aren’t beaten down for it.  Unless they refuse to listen to other opinions.

As Steve said in yesterdays show – Steve and I have some very different fundamental beliefs.  Yet we can share our opinions, respect the opinions of others (by starting with listening to them), and generally learn something from each other along the way.

Unless someone refuses to ever listen – as happened yesterday.