Nick Bradbury: My Dog is an Asshole

This is classic!  Nick Bradbury calls his dog an asshole and his dog takes it personally and issues a response.

From Nick:

There, I said it. And I’ll say it again. Despite being cute enough to make the furry felines at seem ugly by comparison, my dog is an asshole. Oh sure, you’re probably saying, “deep down, I’ll bet he’s a nice doggie.” But you know what? When you have to say that “deep down” someone is nice, it’s because they’re an asshole.

And from the Dog:

Oh, and to make matters worse, after he neutered me, he brought Gypsy – a sexy female dog – into the house. What a frickin’ tease! Do you think he’d like it if I had him castrated and then invited Angelina Jolie to come stay with us?

Nick Bradbury: My Dog is an Asshole