Nicknames I Have Had

For a couple of years I was called So-So.  I don’t recall why exactly – but it was based off this cartoon that was popular for a while when I was young.  I was only 8 or so, so I don’t believe it was because of any indecisiveness on my part (oh – but look – there is a “so, so” in this sentence!  Maybe the nickname came from an over use of “so”?)

When I was 10 or so – not sure, my brothers called me “Little Old Lady” – because I would always sit with the grownups and listen to them talk.  My daughter has always done the same thing – she’s never far away from the grown-ups.

“Doc” is an easy one – I was a Navy Combat Medic stationed with Marines.  I liked this nickname – lots šŸ™‚  But every Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines was called Doc.

“Bob” – I have no idea where this one came from.  My name is Robert, and I have almost always gone by “Rob”.  Someone misunderstood me once I joined the Navy.  Even though I moved to four or five bases, everyone called me Bob.  I have no idea why.  When I met my ex-wife, people knew me as Bob, and so did she.  Two years later when we got married, I was “Bob” still.  It took her a few years to start calling me Rob.

“Robby” – my childhood name.  Of course my parents never called me anything else, and when I talk to my brothers, I am Robby.

I’ve been called a lot of other names over the years, but these are the only ones that ever stuck (thankfully).  How about you?  Got a nickname hidden somewhere?  If so, how did you get it?


  1. @Rob: “how DID you pickup the nickname Doc”

    I didn’t. Usually you don’t pick your own nicknames: other people give you nicknames.
    Sometimes their motives are clear (“Little Old Lady”), at other times, they’re not so clear (my “Doc”).
    Quite frankly, I have no clue where my ‘Doc’ came from. But that’s what a lot of people call me. Still.


  3. So Paul – how DID you pickup the nickname Doc? ā“ ā“ ā“

  4. 1. ‘Little-Old Lady’ .. I can totally dig that! But NOT because you sit with the grown-ups and LISTEN!

    2. My ‘nick’ has been ‘Doc’ too for a long time. When people ask why I picked ‘Doc’, my wife always jumps in and yells: “Because Dopey and Grumpy were already taken”.

    3. As to why people call you Bob: for the same reason that people call Richard Dick, William Bill, John Jack, Charles Chuck, etc etc…
    In fact, we have a Rob at work and instead of calling him Bob or Robby, I call him Bobby! (Rob J doesn’t seem to care).
    Maybe we should call you Robert, pronounced like Colbert from the Colbert Report. Goes nicely with the also French sounding La Gesse!

  5. Yuki -funny (comment #1). As for kr8tr, that’s been my “gamertag” for over 10 years. It came about when I sent an email from an active volcano in Hawaii (I lived in Hawaii at the time). Anyway, I sent an email from inside this vocanic crater, and for whatever reason, I signed the email kr8tr, Ever since then Iive used it as my online nickname.

    Deannie – cute! One of my little brothers called me “wobby” for a few years (until he learned to pronounce his “R’s”)!

  6. It’s funny, growing up people tried to give me nicknames but I resisted (hated it really). Then when I was 14 my Mom had her fourth and last child and my little sister Sue would call me ‘deannie’. I guess in my old age now I let people know about that nickname since I use it online. In person though, please still call me Deanna šŸ™‚

  7. Though most people online know me by my Nick: Yuvi Panda is a nick afterall. My actual name is Yuvaraj Pandian, and it doesn’t take a lot of cutting to arrive at Yuvi Panda from Yuvaraj Pandian šŸ˜€

    And besides, it’s easier to pronounce…

    Now, could you tell me where k8tr (is that correct?) came from?

  8. I’ve had a couple over my short lifespan: I was once called an evil diabolical brainwashed zombie because I am a Microsoft student partner šŸ˜€