No, DAMMIT! Widgets are portable!

I received an email late last week that I didn’t get around to until today.  It read, in part:

We are building a “Widget-World” – a place on the web for all of your widgets.  It’s not really a personal home page as much as it is a personal experience!

I replied this morning asking some clarifying questions – one I share here:

“Are your widgets Flash-based, Javascript, or what?  How portable are they?”

The answer – “They aren’t portable beyond our site – they are meant to drive traffic to our site, not away from it”

Sorry.  That’s not a Widget – that’s a web-site feature.  Widgets are mobile creatures – nomads – they are meant to be free to explore, to expand and grow – to move and to morph.

If you have a thing that isn’t portable – don’t call it a Widget.  Make it a bullet point on your slide deck if you must.  But don’t call it a Widget. 


  1. Agreed. How does Popfly compare?