No means no, and don’t make me have to say "f*cking no!"

I bought a new toy this weekend – a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (I’ll post more on it in a few days, after I’ve played with it more).  So far, it’s darned cool!

I bought it at CompUSA.  First it took 20 minutes to get someone to help me at the Phones, PDAs, Digital Camera and Camcorder kiosk.  WTF?  What do they make money on if they can abandon all these products for 20 minutes at a time?

Oh – I know – extended warranties!

Once I got the guy to give me the unit he asked if I knew about the extended warranty program.  “Yes, I do, and I’m not interested”, I reply.

“But it’s a great deal – it’s only …” – I cut him off, sharply – “I am NOT interested”.

“But if you break it, we’ll replace it for free – just bring it back in”.

“I said twice that I am NOT INTERESTED, ok?  Do you get it?  You’ve done your job – you’ve offered it to me, ok?  I don’t want it!!!”

“But sir, if you drop it…”.  OK – now I’m just pissed because he doesn’t give a shit what I WANT.  He’s just a freaking robot.  And even though my daughter was with me, I lost it.  “If I break the fucking thing I’ll buy another fucking thing, but I don’t want your fucking warranty – do you fucking understand?”

I rarely swear in front of my kids.  But I wanted to get home – it was cold outside and it was starting to rain and I just wanted to buy my new toy and get the hell out of there.

I know CompUSA needs to sell a shit-load of these money making warranties to keep the prices low on the rest of their crap – but I’m not the sucker that’s going to buy it.  And if I tell them no one damn time they should respect my wishes, shut the hell up, and ring up the sale.  And don’t even think about asking me for a phone number or zip-code.  I pay cash for a reason, dammit!

I feel better now 🙂



  1. And let’s not forget Citibank – they call me about 4 times a year trying to sell me credit protection on a card that has a zero balance on it. Every time I tell them no. And every time they tell me “Yes”. I have to get rude with them. Every time.


  2. Debenhams do a similar thing, but with their store credit card:

    “Do you want to save money and sign up for a store card?”
    “No, thanks”
    “You don’t want to save money?”

    Now really, there’s only three answers to that: change your mind, a defeated no, or an angry explosion. Why do they ask questions that are guaranteed to make your customers feel bad about themselves?