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I read a lot of blogs. Virtually all of the big Web 2.0/Tech blogs (but no product blogs – TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, etc)

I read 340 blogs a day, usually.

So a lot of the blogs I read are small blogs – like mine.

I want to do a better job sharing them – starting with Midspot.

This was an interesting post that I could relate to, and I commented on. It won’t change the face of the political or economic scene of the planet. But it did hit a chord with me – it was something I could relate to.

I like reading tech blogs – the ones that give insight into what Silicon Valley thinks is important, for example.

But my favorite blogs – the ones I keep coming back to time and time again are the ones that tell stories. The ones that share emotion. The ones about people.

That’s why I liked Ze Frank, love Violent Acres, and think Waiter Rant is one of the best blogs written. They are all about people, anonymous or not, putting it all out there – sharing life.

Telling stories I can relate to.

So check out Midspot – it’s not a prolific blog – one or two posts a day. Some of them are short and even if they aren’t pertinent to you, they won’t take much of your time.

But some of them are are great posts about laundry. And Life.

I have always been a dryer sheet kind of guy. I grew up in a house that used dryer sheets. In college everyone used dryer sheets, if you could afford them, otherwise you stole them off the girls floor& So that has been what I always used.

No More Dryer Sheets | Midspot


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