No wonder people hate Americans

I was playing Texas Hold’ em online (via the XBOX360, actually) and I heard two German-sounding gentlemen join (in XBOX Live! you can talk to other players – it’s normally rather fun).

As soon as they began speaking in German? a lady who had been playing for quite some time said, “Uh Oh, the Nazis are here”.

Freaking idiotic wench.  I wanted to slap the shit out of her.  Instead I reported her to Microsoft.  Hope they have a chat with her.

The “Germans” responded in different ways – one said, In very good English, “I am not a Nazi – I am a Jew”.  The other went into a long rant about George Bush being the TRUE Nazi.

Thankfully I went all in with pocket Aces and lost my ass when both Fourth Street and The River came up Jacks – and someone had a Jack in hand.  Out of money, beat by an unreal after-flop, and disgusted with the conversation, I left the game.


  1. Death threats?!? calling people foul names?!? WOW! What a turn off to this sort of game playing. I have to admire the two men’s great response to the rude woman. WENCH even 😉

  2. Yes – I don’t even get mad when I lose on the river (any more).  because I often win on the river, so the river is my friend!

  3. It always amazes me, during my (too) many online poker hours, how the perceived anonimity of the internet inspires so damned many people to be extremely rude obnoxious assholes.While a nuissance I don’t object too much to their presence though: rarely are they very good players. And I admit, I get some evil satisfaction out of watching them COMPLETELY losing it, when someone calls their obvious bluffs and takes all their money, ESPECIALLY when that someone is me! More than once have I had losers like that stay at the table as observer after losing all their money just to call me the most horrible names and actually making death threads.SOME people should just stick to collecting stamps.Oh, on the other hand, I have GREAT admiration for the folks who have a monster hand and get beat on the river by a complete nitwit who should even have been in the hand pre-flop, and then still have the decency to calmly say "Nice Hand!" (even when you can here the sarcasm drip off that remark).I love poker!