I’m a little busy, so I haven’t posted much. Plus I’m still fighting this sore throat which is just nagging the crap out of me!

Hopefully I can get back to posting tomorrow.

What are your cures for a sore throat?I’ve tried hat lemon tea, cold water, a couple over the counter sprays and even warm bourbon (which I thoroughly enjoyed, but it had little positive affect on my throat!).

I think I’ll try the “four margarita” remedy next…


  1. I’ve never tried the “four margarita” method, but I will keep that in mind next time! For me, ricola works great. honey and lemon flavor. Give that a try. Feel better!

  2. Thanks, Deannie. I’ve started taking antihistimines now – we’ll see if that helps. I know spending 5 hours on conference calls today didn’t help one bit!


  3. A major contributor to sore throats is post nasal drip – with all that blustery weather you dealt with, you may have some of that going on that is actually causing the sore throat. Once I get a sore throat, for me personally there is nothing else to do but drink plenty and get rest (all my body ever wants to do when I am sick is sleep). Eat good things too, don’t just umm, drink!