Not a day off!

I had high hopes that today would be a fairly slow day.  I was wrong.  I spent  >6 hours on the phone – and even more time chatting with people online.

But I wanted to do a brief recap of the last few days, so this is a scatter-brained post.

First, thanks to the people that have viewed my FreeNAS Tutorials.  Many have sent me direct emails with thanks, encouragement, and suggestions.  Others have commented here directly.  I appreciate your feedback (and I love the appreciation – reminds me that doing it was worth the [considerable] effort).

Thanks to my brother Tad, for hosting the family at his house on Saturday.  I wasn’t feeling particularly well (back pain) but I enjoyed myself, and being with my family.  The food was very good – I don’t know which of the multiple kinds of sausage I ate, but the two kinds I tasted were very, very good.  The tostada was the best I ever had.

I enjoyed my brother and his family spending a couple days with us.  We always seem to fin a way to have some fun.  Not sure if the teenagers feel the same way about it though!

I had some good friends over to watch football yesterday – and even though the results of the games weren’t especially pleasing to me, the company was.

I’ve managed to connect some people lately – and this is something I am very proud of.  I won’t say who or how because it doesn’t matter.  I’m not trying to impress anyone so I’ll keep the details to myself – but I do get a lot of personal satisfaction by connecting people.

I also helped a few people – and made a few friends.  Try it – it is amazingly rewarding!

Finally, I am still in a critical phase with a couple of projects.  My blog is somewhat neglected. Of all the things I can neglect right now, my blog is the most forgiving.  So I’ll continue to neglect it a bit over the next few weeks.