Not an unusual day

California, Portland, Seattle, Palm Bay FL, Virginia, India, Pakistan, Houston TX, Sydney Australia.  Denver.  San Antonio TX.  Arkansas.  The UK.  Ohio.

These are all locations that I talked to people from today – either IM, Email, phone, or through my blog.  6 of them were by phone.  Most of the rest were by IM.  I live by Windows Live Messenger – as I have for years.  I have 587 contacts in my WLM.

I like my life.  It isn’t boring.  Work isn’t a J.O.B. when you get to talk to so many interesting people from so many interesting places.  Work becomes a game when it is fun.  All these people make it fun.  From a CEO or two, to a good friend I hadn’t talked to in 15years, a new friend who wanted to know what “equity in lieu of salary” was all about, to someone that needs to convince themselves that it is time for a job change.  The young programmer’s, who keep amazing me, and the new and old business associates.

Find what you love to do, then find a way to make money doing it.  You’ll find you fall asleep smiling, and wake up with the same expression.


  1. Wow! 587 contacts? Quite a lot!