Not watching my new HDTV tonight

I just bought a brand new 57 inch HDTV less than a week ago – but I’m not watching it.  There is nothing on I want to see.  Instead I am watching a National Geographic special on the search for PT-109 (John F. Kennedy’s WWII patrol boat) on Joost – on my 15 inch laptop screen.

Why? It’s the programming I want to see right now.  And it’s amazingly good quality.

Sorry, I don’t have any Joost invites.  Please don’t flood my comments (again). I cannot help you!

But you should keep on the lookout for an invite.  The quality of service was good the first time I tested it, and it’s even better now.  But that’s not why I like it.  I like it because of the programming.  It’s no longer “Lassie” reruns (I enjoyed those) and movie videos.  There is much, much more.  I can spend hours just watching National Geographic programming.

I still have issues running it on Vista (I can’t) – I think I know how to solve that now though – I’ll try it tomorrow.

The interface is pretty fetching, even though I would be plenty happy settling for something less glitzy and more responsive.  My laptop has a built in motion sensor (Thinkpad), so when I move my laptop while Joost is playing I get a pronounced stuttering – I’ve assuming because the hard drive has retracted the heads to prevent damage to the platters.  But I don’t care.  It’s a wonderful service that I am just now starting to really enjoy.  I don’t know what kept me from using it more a month ago or so.  Timing, programming, whatever.

Now if only I could spool a few programs to my disk to watch later, when I am traveling…