Now I feel old!

 CaptureWhile chatting with Yuvi I came across a list of old BBS utilities.






This link downloads the file ARQ2MNP.ZIP.

Above is a screen shot I just took of it executing.  I wrote this program over 17 years ago – and it still functions :).  Yuvi, of course, had to note that he wasn’t even born yet.  I’m not talking to Yuvi any more! <kidding!> 

Yuvi also pointed out this text, from the documentation in the zip:

Product Disclaimer :

      Although I have had extremely successful operation out of
      ARQ2MNP, I cannot, and do not, accept any responsibility for any
      harm which may result out of your use/misuse of this program.
      All I can assure you of is that ARQ2MNP will occupy 14+
      thousand Bytes of disk space!

Yes – in 1990 I did still need to warn people that 14K of their precious disk space would be consumed 🙂


[ ] 13-May-1990 19:26 12k

Index of /kirkscom9409/msdos/bbs/wc3x


  1. God do I feel young!

  2. :mrgreen: Thanks Paul – I feel MUCH younger now (you old fart!)

  3. 1990?
    And Yuvi thinks THAT’s old?

    It was 1979, when I flew from my native Holland to San Antonio, TX, to attend an International System’s Engineer’s conference where Datapoint introduced their new, ground breaking, operating system RMS… to which, I’m proud to say, got to contribute a thing or two!
    (And which is STILL in use to this date!)
    And in April 1961 .. but wait.. even Rob wasn’t born yet then!