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This is pretty cool – *I think*.  I have no clue what (exactly) was cited from my blog, so I say it is “cool” with some reservation!

I guess I’ll find out what it is about the same time the rest of you do 🙂 

But I like the podcast teaser here, and the premise of the book,

The following bloggers had either blog posts cited in and/or were interviewed for Now Is Gone. I am listing these sources permanently on the Now Is Gone blog on the sources page in the masthead ( a permanent blog roll that will never change). My intent is simply to honor them and provide business readers additional source material.

Now Is Gone » Now Is Gone Sources


  1. I think you’ll like it. I hope so (you never know). If I don’t already have your address, send it to me. We’ll get you a free copy as a source.

    Regardless, I appreciate your commenting on it, and hope that maybe, just maybe, we can help a few businesses get into social media without all of these incidents. Cheers and have a great day!