Now that is funny!

I was in a WebEx session tonight for a third party product I have been beta testing for almost 6 months. The session had a chat window that was very active, and I logged into it with my long-time "gamer-tag" (although it was called a "handle" when I first used it) of kr8tr.

Kr8tr has been with me for a long time – I’ve blogged about the history before.

Anyway, I am in this hour long WebEx and chatting with some other beta testers when a ?guy? (jerrico2020) asks me if I am the kr8tr that blogs.

I am a blogging kr8tr, I tell ?him?.


yoshi[1]Cool – you have a great dog, he says.

WTF?  A guy sees my handle and knows my dog? THAT IS CRAZY!

But he did – he knew Yoshi.  Unreal.

Search makes the world small.  Blogs make it even smaller.