Now THAT’S interesting!

I blog on nine blogs (as of today – yesterday it was eight).  Some are community blogs where I am a guest blogger, a couple are quite odd and have an extremely limited audience, and one is brand new.

So I was very surprised when I joined a new "life-aggregator" site (in alpha) just how many of those blogs they found connected to me!  Pretty interesting.  They also dug up the oldest post from me I know of on the Internet – it was from 1986 – on an ARPANET newsgroup.  And they had part of my old Radio Userland blog.  That was probably from 1999 or maybe 2000.  They found that I ran a dial-up BBS called "BIOS II" in both Novato, CA and San Antonio, TX.  They even provided me with the main dial in number (I once had as many as 12 incoming lines).  That was back in 1985-88.

It’ll be interesting to see what they dig up as they really scale (right now the searches are targeted to a few early adopters – but if they can roll the technology out to a broader audience then I will be completely amazed).  The task seems daunting.  To dig that deep right now takes people making decisions based on the data they find.  Computers can’t really compare what humans can. (See for an example of human based search).

But they are tweaking algorithms trying to get them as close to the human results as they can.  And I know they have some really smart people working on it.  Definitely on my watch list for sometime in the middle of next year.


  1. Wow!  We may have dialed into that one in Novato.  That’s where I grew up.