Odd Domain Name Day

I own a lot of domain names – but I’ve never bought one thinking, “I can make money off this later”.  The two domains that I have bought and later sold were bought for business ideas I had that I never acted on (I have a LOT of those!).

Anyway, a year ago I was talking to Robert Scoble and John Furrier at Podtech.net about an idea and I registered a domain name – poddigger.com.   The talks never went anywhere and I forgot the domain name for a few days.  When I remembered it, about a week later I registered poddigger.net and poddigger.org.

Then I forgot about them again.  Until this afternoon.  This afternoon I got an email from “Jeff” who offered me $500.00 for poddigger.net. Odd, I thought.  Why the .net address?

Then I read an email received about an hour later, from “Sammy” from a different email domain.  Sammy wanted to buy poddigger.org for $250.

Odd that I get two different people trying to buy .net and .org domain names, I thought.

What about poddigger.com, which MUST have been worth more?  Nope – no offers for it.  Weird.

Then I realized that both Sammy and Jeff had sent emails from different domain names – but they shared a common IP address subnet.

Well, what about poddigger.com, I thought – is it still mine?  It was – but it had JUST expired according to Register.com.  But I guess it was still locked out from others for a time…

I think someone wants poddigger.com and expected it to drop in their lap in a day or two.  But I successfully renewed all three domain names today.  They jumped too early at the .net and .org and tipped me off.

Whoever wants this domain – all three of them – call me.  Email me.  IM me.  My contact info is under the “Contact” page.  I won’t rape you on them.  Heck I may even help you with the project!  Maybe even my initial idea is better than (or as good as) the one you have!?

On another note, someone offered me $50 for fdlfbd.com (Friends Don’t Let Friends Blog Drunk).  They haven’t responded to my questions about why they want the domain (I don’t want to sell any domains to porn sites or anything else that could be tracked back to me an make me look bad – I look bad enough for things I CAN control!)

And YES, I do realize that many people will look at the poddigger.com domain name and figure out what I was trying to build.  So what?  If that’s what they want to build, then so do I.  And I have the right domain name for it!

And they can call me, and maybe we can work together on it.