Office 2007 (beta)

My daughter (15) has been using my Toshiba Satellite laptop for her school projects.  Two weeks ago I installed Vista RC1 and Office 2007 beta on it.

Just a minute ago my daughter walked in the living room and excitedly said, “This new version of Office is Amazing!“.

I asked her why and in typical teen fashion she said, “It is just too cool – you can do everything!  You can even sign your own name on your papers!”.

I know she hasn’t found anything that some previous versions of Office could do – and that’s the key here – now she can find those features.  That was a key design goal for MS – make it easy to find out how to do things you might not have known you could do.

It appears they have succeeded.

I asked my daughter to write down what she likes about Office 2007.  I don’t know if she will.  But if she does, and MS want’s an enthusiastic young (and quite pretty!) spokesperson, then have your people call my people (err… have your people call me.  My people seem to be busy – yeah, that’s it – they are all busy!).



  1. Chris – I like the ribbon as well.  On first glance it kind of scared me.  But I used office for ten years or so, and I know I can do more now, fater and easier with the ribbon than I could with the old menu system.


  2. The ribbon does wonders.  A fantastic development on MS’s part!