Office Shuffle

Tomorrow I’ll spend the day completely tearing down my office – as in the computers, not the walls!

I ordered a new 24 inch wide-screen monitor/HDTV display last week, and it arrives here tomorrow sometime.  I need to make room for it.

Since I need to break everything down anyway (and YES, Deannie – I will dust in the process!) I need to also consider if I want to move some machines around (including my Web Server).  If I decide I need to move my server, there will be some downtime for my blog tomorrow.  Probably no more than an hour or two.

Here’s my current desktop setup (more pictures at that link).  I’ll post new pictures after I get things rearranged.  I am hoping that by ditching the 21 inch CRT will give me some more desk space.  I’m also hoping the new 24 inch wide screen will be better on my always getting older eyes!


  1. I am happy for you! How does it all feel? I am TOTALLY loving my new set up although I still don’t have all my equipment in place yet. πŸ™‚