Official Google Blog: Searching without a query

Update: I didn’t even know that eBay bought StumbleUpon today until after I posted this – so it certainly looks like Google is taking a shot (but they are shooting blanks) at eBay’s newest acquisition.


Google added a “StumbleUpon” type feature today.  To use it from your browser toolbar you have to install the Google Toolbar (lame – I don’t/won’t run the Google Toolbar).

But you can also set it up for your personalized Google page (which I do use).

But don’t forget to follow their instructions and type “Recommendations” – WITH the capital “R” – “recommendations” doesn’t work (below).  When did Google get all case sensitive on me?







But the “Recommendations” tab doesn’t work much better – it shows me:










Which basically shows places I visit often – my local NBC affiliate, the Texas Department of Transportation, and – the local newspaper site.

Hmmm… they are recommending I visit places I always visit?  Thanks, Google!  That’s helpful.

Oh, and I know they state the below – about how they will “get better”.  Better at what?  I’ve been searching via Google since Google went online – they should know a LOT more about me by now.  Heck, all my email accounts are forwarded to Gmail.  They should REALLY know a lot about me!

Under-impressed.  And keeping StumbleUpon, thank you very much.


You already know that search is at the core of everything we do: we want to deliver useful and relevant information every time you do a search. But what about when you don’t have a query in mind, or if you just don’t feel like typing in a query? Today we’re releasing two features that reduce the need for you to type in specific queries to get the information you want. Both of these are available to Search History users.

Source: Official Google Blog: Searching without a query