Official Google Blog: Update: Global Warming Speakout

 Google sponsors a Global Warming Speakout, then takes out a full page ad to share student’s ideas.

Very cool, even if some of the ideas don’t yet make sense (some would cause more energy consumption to enact then they would save, IMHO).

But Kudos’ to Google for sponsoring this.

Link to Official Google Blog: Update: Global Warming Speakout


  1. “So, if the ice caps are melting, sea levels should be going down, not up”
    “Anyone out there disagree with my reasoning?”

    You bet I disagree! At two levels: melting ice does not lower water levels. Period. And you’re overlooking what really causes the rise in water levels.

    First of all, if a free floating iceberg melts (or an ice cube in a glas of water: try it!), the water level will NOT go down. Your reasoning is only valid for completely submerged icebergs (ice cubes), but about 9% of free floating icebergs (cubes) is above the water level! 9% is not part of the body of water whose level you’re looking at! If you do the (simple) calculation you will see, that a free floating melting iceberg doesn’t do ANYTHING to the water level. It remains the same. (That 9% sticks out of the water BECAUSE of the difference in density! If it melts, that 9% is ADDED to the water level, but that’s compensated for by its increase in density)

    Second, we don’t only deal with free floating icebergs. There are enormous landmasses covered in very thick layers of ice and snow. Think of all the humongous glaciers in Alaska and Greenland alone! That’s currently not IN the bodies of water that make up the sea levels! When that melts, you BET the water levels will rise. Dramatically!
    Think of glaciers as huge mountains from which a river runs into the sea, only that river is frozen. Now think what happens when that river melts! Then that river starts ADDING water to the world seas and the levels HAVE to rise. Glaciers are currently the LARGEST reservoirs of fresh water on this planet! The equivalent water content is only second to all the combined world oceans! MASSIVE amounts of water will be ADDED to the oceans when these glaciers melt! Forget icebergs! It’s the glaciers that make the ocean levels rise when they melt.

    Paul Claessens last blog post..Hot Potato – Chips

  2. cyndi says:

    Aol reported today again about the melting of the polar ice caps, and dire predictions of flooding in coastal areas. I think this is more trauma drama, than scientific fact that ice melting will raise sea levels. As ice melts, it takes up LESS volume than water. That is why water pipes will burst when they freeze, and why a bottle of water in your freezer will expand more and more when it freezes. Water is the only substance that I know of that acts this way. It expands when it freezes. So, if the ice caps are melting, sea levels should be going down, not up….so it can’t be the ice melting, it has to be something else. Like perhaps less atmospheric pressure due to decrease in ozone layer, causing the air pressure at sea level to change, hence causing true sea level to change. But it cannot be because ice is melting…..I am a firm believer in reducing carbon footprints…done everything I can possible afford to do, like compact florescent bulbs in my whole house, raising thermostates, or lowering it, energy star appliances, weatherization of my home, opening windows when weather permits, ceiling fans, cooking quicker meals (less natural gas usage), energy efficent car (35 mpg), consolidating trips….but not because I’m afraid of the polar ice caps melting and causing flooding….again, the properties of water prove that sea levels should be going down, not up, if it’s just a matter of ice melting….I was posting this information on aol blog, but they locked me out, guess too intelligent of a comment. Anyone out there disagree with my reasoning? I believe sea levels are rising, but not due to ice melting…..

  3. hysteria debunker says:

    if humans are such a cause for global warming then why do they only account for 3% of CO2 emmisions. Also Al Gore shows us pictures of the snows of kilimanjaro receding but in reality the mountain is getting colder and do to this there is less precipitation. Also he shows us pictures of glaciers receding but forgets to explain “calving” which is when glaciuers recede in order to grow. Another idea to consider is Al Gores natural sciences grades C+ and a D do we really want to change our whole perspective on the environment from this one person. Did you know that not one hurricane hit the United States after the season of katrina. Another thing to consider is that we have had worse hurricane seasons but the gilf coast is so densley populated that it was jst a matter of time before it was hit.

  4. Daniel Donatelli says:

    +++TAKE ALL THE OIL OUT of Gaia++

    or the motor and the heating and cooling complexities of the internal motor’s now empty cavities will change and spread the heat to new unforgiving surfaces causing collapse and flexing and swelling of the normally safe consistent, ore made structure , thus effecting the surrounding motors water flows.

    Water and core Temperatures spike in spots with fast or slow motor rotation in unexpected areas due to cavity or thickness of spaces or water cycle inside water system due to season(climate) out side of motor(in that area).

    -speed up motor with no oil to cool faster?
    Or slow it down!! And add more oil.

    Some body should REALLY Look at ground temperatures in the depleted oil areas and think maybe it is hot water there because there not oil there in addition to the normal equator heat. Maybe oil was formed there because it is a hot spot naturally . Maybe planet will cool around the same time oil reforms there again??? should we pump it out again at that time?

    Kind of funny that the water in those areas is hot now and in adjacent areas the heat is up all compounding the tempreture in the the cab as the 2nd dary systems fail from the spikes in heat? We are looking at the water and saying speed it up!!to cool it , put more air on it make it more effcient water!! as coolant (algae)

    Better put oil back I think.

    Not take away cold water or put cold water on faster cycle that is now on slow cycle ???? or heat will go up and
    seconday system will worsen!
    Example Pump gas out of Indonesian shelf and it collapses making things out of balance across whole region.

    No way to fix now better pump rest out? of remaining shelf?
    Think put oil back in!! Cool Again!!

    hot Water spikes go away with slower revs And oil back in not faster with no oil in

    it just compounds to blow the radiator or soft point like the hose then blow the engine.
    Then she’s all stopped for good.
    4 sure this Gaia motor needs a good mechanic!! May even need heavier oil than before to reduce heat! Dan

    I would like all seeking a solution out there to circulate this to every one of any importance on presenting it as one more thing we should be doing and looking at!!!!!!

    P.S We are all stressing out about
    methan releases , what happens when all the co2 gas they are pumping into oil cavities to stablize cardon credits comes back out in one day after pumping it down there for 20 years from now!!!!!!!! thats when you get a surprize!!boom gas instead of oil in hotspot@!!! read forever
    Mb + 66 89 909 3178

  5. Solar is a really good option for me, since my house is located perfectly to catch both the morning and afternoon sun on the roof – it’s high on my list of, “when I get the money I am going to…”

    Most of my computers shut themselves off when they aren’t being used – the exception is my server of course – but even it shuts off the monitor and spins down the drives when it can (which isn’t often for the drives). I’ve also replaced all of my CRTs with LCD panels, and that makes a huge difference.

  6. Add to that a tidal wave generator in your pool and a bunch of solar panels on your roof and you’re all set!

    (Hmm.. not sure if your pool is big enough to be effected by tidal forces)

    As for that water heater you mentioned: use those solar heaters! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of ‘m in your “Florida period”.
    Do you turn off all your computers when you go to bed? If you’re really into energy saving, there’s SO much one can do!

  7. I like wind energy – I wish I could put a turbine up at my house. I always have a 10-15 MPH wind here. City code doesn’t allow it right now, but we’re working to change that.

    I’ve done the math – a $22K investment in a turbine would be cash-flow positive in 7 years (for me, at my current power requirements). Assuming the device lasts the 15 years it is warranted for I would end up making/saving tens of thousands of dollars in saved/captured-and-resold energy.

    And no, I don’t think the turbines are any less attractive that the transmission lines that run all over the country now!


  8. “(some would cause more energy consumption to enact then they would save, IMHO”

    With all due respect, but it’s not at all about the level of energy consumption. There’s plenty of energy!
    It’s about how you generate it! Solar, tidal and wind energy plenty… not a problem! Fossil fuel: BIG problem. It’s all about the METHOD of ‘harvesting’ energy!