Oh My Gosh! Cowboys in a wild one.

In one of the wildest football games I have ever watched the Cowboys managed to rip one from an opponent tonight.  If you like football and didn’t see this game watch it.  It has everything you could want in a football game (except sacks… not many of those)

Wow.  Cowboys are 5-0 and facing the best team in football next Sunday.

But they have luck on their side.  No doubt they have luck!


  1. @Jon – I agree with you almost completely. I say almost because the Dallas defense DID hold them to only 3 offensive points. If they didn’t have such a stellar “D” the game would not have stayed within reach :).

    Next week will be a big test – I hope Dallas wins, but don’t expect them too. I DO expect them to make it a good game though!

  2. I know you are from Texas Rob, and no doubt a Dallas fan, but if there was ever a team that deserved to lose a game on Monday night it was Dallas.

    I couldn’t even keep track of the number of interceptions in the game 🙂

    The only talent I saw was the final kick from 52 yards (twice in fact due to the ref call).