Oh, web 2.0 – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I just saw an amazing demonstration that takes Web 2.0, both in application and in values into a new light – a social web site that has tabs, and windows that zoom in and out of the browser, different views based on what I am doing and a really evolutionary way to brows sites – imagine a column of paper – a sphere – in your browser.  To navigate left and right on this scroll you just mouse to the left or right side of the screen – and your view changes.  Amazing!

As far as values – the site says right up front that you own your data – that you can edit it, delete it and move it — in any way you see fit.  Including your history with the site. 

Zoomers, and Views and Spinners?  Oh My!



  1. … and WE don’t get to see it?