Oh, yeah – my Qualifications to run for President

Sorry – I should have included this with my previous post.  I am completely qualified to run for President, and serve that office if elected.

I’ve run businesses before.  I am a single parent of two teenagers.  I know what having an empty checkbook means – but I don’t bounce checks.  Neither will this country!

I’m a blogger.  I was a blogger before I announced my intention to run (I think I am the ONLY candidate that blogged before announcing – therefore I am the only real Blogger’s Candidate!)

There are ~70 million bloggers. Probably 45 million in the US.  I figure there are about 15 people that read blogs that don’t write blogs – and I think I get that entire vote – all 45 million and 15 of them.  With that many votes, I can’t lose.  (unless electronic voting machines are used, anyway)

I’m not a Republican or Democrat.  That should be worth many millions of votes right there!  I’ve voted both parties, but my first Presidential vote was cast for an Independent.

I don’t have any agenda – other than riding in the helicopter now and then.  I won’t even take a paycheck.  But I will eat all the free food for four years (and live in a free house!).  But at least now you understand how I plan on screwing you – with everyone else, you just have to wait and see.

So, I’m honest.  That would be a really good quality for a President, wouldn’t it?  ** V O T E   R O B   2 0 0 8 **