OK, I caved

I moving my blog off my cable modem, and off of my home server.  I’ve leased a server at 1and1, and I am in the process of preparing it to move my blog over.

This would be a great opportunity for me to move my blog to it’s proper domain, Stuffleufagus.com – but that’s going to break everyone’s RSS feeds.  So I am not really sure it’s worth it.

I imagine I can just make a post now and then to the old RSS feed saying something like “this blog has moved – please re-subscribe here…”

I know when Waiterrant.net moved and broke his RSS he lost a lot of users.  Forever, in many cases.  I don’t want that to happen.

I wonder why RSS doesn’t have a re-direct, or an “auto-update this feed link” feature of some type?

In any case, to minimize the chance of ever having to force a url change to the feed again, I am going to publish the new feed via Feedburner.

It’ll take a few days, depending on what else is going on – but I should be giving you the new info soon.  I’ll redirect http://lagesse.org to the new domain for a while until everyone gets used to it.

There is pain in progress 🙂