OK, THIS is annoying!

Something on my main computer has gone haywire.  I have not installed any new hardware of software, but all of a sudden this morning my machine started to blue screen.  After the first BSOD I rebooted and my audio didn’t work (no audio device installed).

I shut down the computer, then powered back up – and had audio. 

20 minutes later my machine BSOD’d again.  Restarted – no audio.  WTF?

Powered down, restarted and had audio.  About an hour later the machine blue screened again.

This time I booted into Windows XP (was in Vista before).

Started up, with Audio.  About ten minutes later, it BSOD’s under XP.   Very odd.

So I have a hardware problem, I think.  The audio is on the motherboard, so I think I need a new motherboard.  This one isn’t even 6 months old 🙁


And don’t tell me to get a Mac – my Mac has been dead for about 5 months, and even a Mac Guru hasn’t been able to heal it.

So as soon as my back allows, I am going to get a new motherboard…  too bad the Intel Quad-core CPU’s are still over $1000!