Old Executables


Wow – this one is an oldie!  A reader that stumbled across my blog sent me this screen shot and asked, “Are you the author of this?”

I am – but it was a LONG time ago!  The reader told me they still use it quite a bit in their build environments.  BFIN (Batch File Input) basically let you ask a question during batch file or scripting execution, and save the answer for use later on in the script (or in other scripts/batch files).  It’s saves the input temporarily to an environment variable and kills it when your script is done with it.

I specifically wrote it for the company I worked for at the time (CHILD Systems, Inc) so I could log people into the servers from the command-prompt so they could access email and shared drives, etc from the command prompt.  It’s written in Pascal, compiled for DOS.

It’s cool that someone is still using it!

BTW, the user sent me the executable, so if anyone thinks it would be useful to them, let me know and I’ll share it (again, 14 years later!)


  1. Heh – an anonymous Meebo chat user just asked me, “Why are most of these programs at version 1.0? Didn’t they have any bugs?”

    Grin – sure some of them did – but they are all pretty simple apps, so there wasn’t much to screw up. But the real answer is I wrote them specifically for me to get something done – and once they worked for me, I moved on. Short attention span and all that….