Old San Francisco Steak House – update

I just made a reservation for the Old San Francisco Steakhouse for tomorrow evening.  The San Antonio location was purchased by new owners three months ago.  I spoke to one of them on the phone today and she was amazingly nice, and helpful. 

I’ll try to find out more about the new ownership tomorrow.  But they still have the girl on the swing, the same name, and on Thursdays they have a live band (Jazz, tomorrow).

The owner was concerned that the music might be loud until I explained to her that I was going with my (almost) 17 year old  daughter and my ex-wife.  We won’t be talking a lot 🙂

In any case, I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully the new owners have taken care to improve the menu, which had grown stale after 30 years.  The selections were good, but they had become bland over the years.  I hope the new owners brought spices back into the restaurant.

They don’t open until 6pm, and the band starts at 6.  We’ll be there at six.

I’ll let you know what I think of it.  My hopes are that it will be what I remembered from 20 years ago – and not from my last visit about a year ago.


[UPDATE: 22DEC07 – My brother Tad reported that the OSF Steakhouse was open again. I drove by and it does appear to be back in business. No idea if it has changed any, or if their is new ownership. Ill try to make a visit after Christmas]

Old San Francisco Steak House


  1. @Christi – I posted about my visit here: http://lagesse.org/old-san-francisco-steakhouse-redux/

    It was quite good!

  2. So, how did it go? We are taking my in-laws this Saturday for their anniversary & are curious since it’s under new management.