Old San Francisco Steak House

[UPDATE: 22DEC07 – My brother Tad reported that the OSF Steakhouse was open again.  I drove by and it does appear to be back in business.  No idea if it has changed any, or if their is new ownership.  I’ll try to make a visit after Christmas]

But no more :(.

It appears the Old San Francisco Steak House on Sahara (near my house) has closed it’s doors.

I’ve been going there for over 20 years – and at one time it was my favorite restaurant in San Antonio.

But the notice on the door today seems to be final… they haven’t paid their rent, it appears.

This is a chain now, even though the one near my house was the original. Bummer.

No idea if the other locations are affected – anyone in Austin know?

A girl on the red velvet swing entertains the main dining room with walls festooned in memorabilia and a saloon-style bar. For events, the Crystal Room offers a picturesque atmosphere with glass walls. The menu boasts entrees from premium steaks and prime rib to gourmet seafood and lamb. Fresh breads and salads start the dining experience, while desserts like flamed cherries jubilee top it off.

Old San Francisco Steak House – San Antonio, TX, 78216-3927 – Citysearch


  1. @Tina – now I am even more bummed out 🙁


  2. 😯
    Ours here in Houston on Westheimer has closed its doors too and Im very saddened.

  3. Yep -it does suck 🙁

  4. That sucks! My wife and I ate there just couple of weeks ago. It is one of my favorite restaurants in town.


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