Old San Francisco Steakhouse Redux

The San Antonio Old San Francisco Steakhouse has been open again for about 2 months.

I went tonight with my daughter (nearly 17) and my ex-wife (nearly… never mind).

On Thursdays they have live music.  Tonight it was a jazz band, and I thought they were very good, even though they opened their act with the admonition, “We suggest you drink a lot – this is our first night”.  They were new enough that either the band or the restaurant had multiple cameras recording the evening.

My daughter (adventurous even at her advanced age, ordered chicken fingers and a Caesar’s Salad).

My ex and I each ordered Prime Rib (12 oz).  Hers rare, mine medium.

We each ordered the side and the same salad and salad dressing.  *sigh*

But there were an amazing number of wait staff, the service was excellent, and the prices are basically what you would expect – on the high end.

The food is a few notches above what it was on my last visit.  The house raspberry/chipotle dressing has a very nice tang and “twang” to it.  There is flavor here, and the flavor is good.

The menu is fairly limited.  A couple chicken dishes, a number of steak dishes, and some appetizers.  A bit more than that, but not much.  After all – this IS a steak house.

Although they have a couple of seafood options there were not enough of them for me to feel comfortable that seafood was a big part of their business.  And if I think a place doesn’t move a lot of seafood, I won’t get seafood there.

I used to order steak and lobster, or steak and Alaskan King crab here.  Neither crab or lobster were an option (on the menu anyway).

Finally, on Thursdays, when the band is there, the swing isn’t used.  No girls swinging up to the ceiling and ringing the bell!

If you are familiar with the tradition of Old San Francisco Steakhouse and want to relive it – do not go on Thursdays.

I will go back though.  It was a nice evening, a nice meal, and the service was great.

And I really enjoyed the Jazz more than I would have the girls ringing the bell.


  1. Thanks for the update, I will have to stop by.