"On Behalf of a Grateful Nation…"

So many families have heard those words over the last few years.  So few have given everything they can give.    The rich and privileged have been extremely isolated.  And that’s ok.  We don’t need soldiers that are used to getting things handed to them.  Most of the US has been almost completely isolated from this war.

It’s important to me that those families understand that the words are not hollow – that regardless of your views on this war, or any war, those families know you appreciate what their loved one sacrificed for their country.  That they don’t go into this blindly, that our servicepeople are bright, and honorable, and were doing what they considered to be the right thing.  Your personal views aren’t important here.  The character of the men and women that volunteer to protect and defend your right to your opinion – that’s what’s important.

The families of the fallen deserve our respect and admiration for the sacrifices they have made.  We owe them.  We OWE them.  Do not forget them in your zealousness to paint the entire situation in Iraq with a single-colored  paint.  Do not dismiss them as fools our pawns – they were neither.  They are the finest our country has to offer – they are the ultimate charitable contributor.  They don’t only give money to charitable causes, they give their lives to what they consider to be just – serving their country – serving you, and serving me.

Every one of them has been a volunteer.  Think of that the next time you pick your kids up from Prep School in your Hummer.  These men and women have given everything to make sure you can afford the freedoms that allow you to afford that truck.  That house,  the prep schools.  We aren’t rationing anything to fight this war.  You are hardly even inconvenienced.  But you are vocal, I give you that.  And the more vocal and ignorant person I talk to on this issue the less I find they have done a damn thing for the troupes.

Because of these brave men and women you may never have to worry about your children serving – because there are better men and women volunteering to take their place.

I am not arguing for or against the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else.  I am arguing that regardless of your opinion on the politics of things, you MUST respect what these men and women are deciding to do.  I am arguing that no matter what your religious or political persuasion, or your feelings on the war, “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation” means on behalf of YOU.  And ME.  And regardless of anything else these men and women deserve not just our thanks and respect – but our appreciation.

It’s almost inevitable that tomorrow another family will hear the words, “On Behalf of a Grateful Nation…” 

I hope you think of that once during your day.  I hope you appreciate what they are willing to do for you, and for their country  –  I hope you honor them, regardless of what you think about the job they are tasked with.


OK – this rant was set off by two Lexus driving bitches who obviously didn’t know the difference between Iraq and Indianapolis.  They were discussing the “evil war” in line in the grocery store.  The lady between me and them lost her son in Iraq six weeks ago.  They were ignorant insensitive bitches.

Sorry for the language – but I spent a portion of my day talking to the mother of a fallen Patriot – and trying to convince her we are not all insensitive, uninformed asshole’s.