On my "best" behavior

Tomorrow I am going to spend the first real time with my son’s “girlfriend”?.  I put that in quotes because even though the two of them are tighter than super-glue, they are non-committal in their relationship.  They aren’t either of them looking for anyone else – they just don’t want to be seen as a “couple”.  That’s just my opinion – I really don’t know.  I only met the girl once, and only for a few minutes.  But I know my son likes her a lot.  I guess it’s just “complicated”.

So tomorrow I will spend the day with her, my son, and my daughter.

We are going to Gruene (pronounced “green”), Texas – about 30 minutes north of here.  It’s a wonderful place to visit – an old German town founded along the Guadeloupe river.  It’s pretty – it’s comfortable, and they have great food and music.

We’ll be eating at the Grist Mill, an amazing place overlooking the river.  I’ve been there a dozen times, and I have never been disappointed.  It’s not cheap, but excellence never is.  It will be worth whatever it costs – it always is.

Afterwards we will probably go to the Gruene General Store, because it is fun, and they have free samples of taffy and other candy (made there), and a lot of really cool stuff that tourists like, but so do I.  And the PEOPLE have always been amazing – they define friendly!

If the lines aren’t too long we’ll go to Gruene Hall – the oldest dance hall in the Great State of Texas.  I’ve seen SO many great artists there – from Willie Nelson to Pat Green, Waylon Jennings, and on and on.

But mostly I hope my son’s girl likes me – because I know it is important to him.  It’s important to me as well.



  1. We had a good time – it was one of the few days we had this month that was under 100 degrees, and it even sprinkled for a few minutes. We had a decent lunch – they were busy as hell (Labor Day Weekend), but the service was OK. We were seated in the “attic deck” which is three stories up, and overlooking the river. It also had A/C, which was nice.

    We walked around a bit and came to a “Shaved-ice” parlor, and sat out eating some cold stuff (like a slushy, for those of you not from around here). I noticed a keg of Warstiener Dunkel in the establishment and asked the crazy lady who ran the place (she was a lot of fun) if it was legal to walk around with a beer in Gruene. She said it was, and a few minutes later brought me out a complimentary pint! I was happy!

    We sat and chatted for a while, and I learned Sidney is a very bright young lady – I like her. I know my son and her aren’t overly serious right now – just exploring. But I admire his taste.

    Sydney’s parents have a home right by the Guadeloupe river, a couple miles off US 281. When we brought her home, around 6:30, there were 14-16 deer in her front yard. A very nice place to live, I imagine.

    So it was a great day, even though I spent fat too much time walking on asphalt, and my back and ankle were killing me by the time we got home.

  2. Are we going to get an update on how it went?

    Does she like you?

    Is she calling you ‘dad’ already?

  3. Hah! Chris – I never took you to be a teen – I figured more like 25-30! It’ll be fun tomorrow, I’ll make sure of that!

    I still mean to talk to you about a logo, just been busy getting the fundamentals down first. The logo can wait for now – but I haven’t forgotten your generous offer!


  4. Ahh, we teens and our relationships, fun, eh? 😀

    Good luck!


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