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Interesting – been getting hits from this site looking for Yuvi-related posts.

Wonder what they want?

It takes a registration/account to see what they are doing.

I’m curious. 

Onalytica is a full service, online competitive intelligence and monitoring agency.
We help clients measure, monitor and manage influence and we provide detailed insights into what stakeholders are saying about brands and issues of interest.
In doing so, we ensure our clients the strong competitive advantage of having more essential knowledge; and having it earlier.
We are science based in what we do and although we analyse modern media and may use cutting edge systems and methodologies we rely on recognised (and usually traditional) principles of good research.
Although we often analyse social media like social networks, message boards and blogs we are not limited to those. Often it makes more sense to include traditional media, the whole internet or segment an analysis on geography or language than on media type; and when that is the case that’s what we do.
We often work directly with the end-client but we also empower other leading agencies in the industry with our expertise, experience and technology.
We are privately owned, have no outside investors.

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