One of my favorite pictures


My kids, playing out in front the yard.  This was three houses ago. Right after I won custody of them.  So that’s only 6 years ago.  And three houses ago.  Whew, we moved a lot!

(To be completely factual I moved into the house with the yard pictured here when my ex and I split up.  An old farm house.  No heat, no A/C.  Rented there for two years before we moved in the house we are in now.  How’s that three houses later?  Because we moved OUT of the house we are in now – moved to Florida.  Met 4 hurricanes in short order.  Left Florida and moved BACK to the house we live in now).

Anyway, I loved this yard.  I had 116 oak trees on the fenced acre.  I never counted how many were in the back 5 acres (but we did often have deer back there).

With an acre of yard around the house completely fenced, and with two dogs always on patrol, it was a very safe place to be with the kids.  And the kids just loved the place.  They felt like they were “home” the first time they were there.  And that’s why I love this picture.  It brings up very nice memories.