One of the few fun things to do just prior to launch

I’m sure most web sites go through this before launch – when they do a few demos, maybe give a few select people pre-alpha accounts – and then watch the web site stats closely.  Did the guy I just did the demo to come and look at the site?  Did that blogger log on again after I set his account up?

Who is looking at us, and why?  Someone in Canada has looked at us four times?  What are they interested in, and does anyone know them?  Why are people spending three minutes looking at that page?

Yes, it’s juvenile – but imagine most people that launch web sites go through it.

And it is kind of fun.

For a geek 🙂


  1. how about constantly checking your mybloglog widget to see who’s been at your site and who’s been at their site and who’s been at …. etc