One thing Apple’s MAC OS and Ubuntu have that I wish Windows had? A Password wallet.

A Password wallet is basically just software that keeps track of your passwords for you.  You remember one master passowrd, and it remembers the rest.

Microsoft may be staying out of this market for Anti-Trust reasons – but this seems like one of the most legitimate businesses for them to encroach on – a Password Wallet is most effective when it is tied deeply into the bowels of the Operating System.


  1. I have used Password Manager XP for a number of years to hold passwords and account user names and other things….

  2. I haven’t played with it enough to tell you how it works but it does seem to be a continuation of the .net passport system with additions to be able to use it on non passport sites.

  3. Really? I looked at CardSpace early on in Vista testing and couldn’t figure out WHAT it was for 🙂


  4. I think cardspace in Vista is supposed to create that function.