Online Retailers: Zune is Second-Most Wanted Black Friday Item

I’ve had my Zune almost two weeks now and this news doesn’t surprise me.  The Zune is easy to use, very nice to watch video on and the Zune Software doesn’t leach on to me like some nasty fungus from a B-Grade Sci-Fi flick from 1955.  Yes, I dislike iTunes.  Even more, I dislike Apple for trying to force it down my mouth just to install Quicktime on my machine.

The Zune is wonderful to watch on my big screen.  The WiFi is so perfect that it is easy to forget it is there – synchronizing my stuff as soon as I walk back into the house.

Although I don’t have any desire to meet a stranger on the street and zip them a copy of "A better place to be", by Harry Chapin – it might be interesting to see the file sharing capabilities of the Zune in action.  But I certainly didn’t buy it for that feature!

  I still love my Zune two weeks later.  I wouldn’t worry about it disappointing as a Christmas gift.

According to online retailers PriceGrabber,, and uber-auctioneer eBay, the Zune player (in both its old Zune 30 guise and new Zune 80 duds) was the second-most purchased item on the web on Black Friday. Placing silver right behind the Wii system (which led wish lists for the second year in a row), this could be seen as a huge win for the visibility of Microsoft’s digital offerings and the viability of the Zune as an adequate alternative to the iPod behemoth. The popularity of the player is credited in part to the affordability of the brown Zune and its new software update. So far, none of the credit is going to the Zune’s ‘squirting’ abilities. | Online Retailers: Zune is Second-Most Wanted Black Friday Item