Oops – 1001 one posts with this one.

I asked earlier if anyone wanted something special for my 1,000th post.  A few people IM’d me, or sent me emails.  Some wanted a review of a company, Deannie wanted a motorcycle story.  Someone wanted a curriculum vitae?!?!

But it seems fitting that instead I wrote about a few things that I consider to be important, and are close to my heart.  So the 1000th post was my previous one.  I forgot I was approaching 1000. 

I’ll do the motorcycle story, Deannie.  It involves gunplay, and helping deliver a calf in the middle of the night, in someone else’s field, in a state I had never been to (and haven’t been back to).  It’s about a group of friends and strangers that became a “biker gang” during a cross-country ride.  Like most of my stories of my early youth – it shows a lot of recklessness, but also a lot of bonding, trust, and team building under pretty severe circumstances.  It also involves another run-in with the police that turns out to be the best thing that could have happened to us on that night.

As for company reviews – a company pretty much has to either piss me off, or impress the heck out of me for me to write about them.  Mashable (which seems to be down at this moment) does a wonderful job of covering companies they probably don’t give a shit about.

And as for the curriculum vitae.  Nope.  This blog is my curriculum vitae, for better or worse.



  1. Nice going on the 1000 posts. Even with a gajillion blogs on the web, your achievement is pretty cool.

    I’ve just spent an hour or so J-ing through your posts (subscribed a while back). I like the way you write. Off the cuff.