O’Reilly Radar > Completely human free shopping

Over at O’Reilly, they are talking about convenience stores that are partially being replaced by a vending machine based “store”.

It’s interesting – and inevitable – anywhere employers can cut out employees is good for the bottom like (and keeps the stockholders happy).

They don’t sell things like beer, tobacco, etc yet — they don’t have any age-verification mechanism (and I argue this will be difficult to do – probably different requirements for every state).

Anyway, there are a lot of times when I wish I could just shop at a machine… like on Lotto day, because I don’t play, yet I am always stuck in line behind at addict who is buying $500 worth of tickets with personally chosen numbers.  Or the clerk that gets totally confused that you gave him $20.37 for a 5.37 total.

I just wonder how long it is until the big-box stores like Walmart, Kroger, and here in Texas, HEB start getting in on this action.  It seems like the perfect business for them – they already have the distribution chain, the benefit of scale — and they have the real estate.  That huge parking lot in front of every one of their stores.


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