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 This is great news for the OpenID community – having companies like Verisign and Microsoft onboard certainly help the chances of achieving a way to manage your persona on the web!

OpenID (Radar post) got a big boost today when it gained support from Microsoft. Open-identity company JanRain, Dick Hardt’s Identity 2.0 company Sxip, and Verisign were also a part of the announcement.

As a part of the agreement, OpenID is going to focus more efforts on phishing (which they were already doing with the use of Personal Icons and SafeSignIn – Radar post). Microsoft will lend the assistance of Identity Architect Kim Cameron in this endeavor. Vista’s Identity Manager Cardspace will support OpenID and OpenID will support Cardspace’s Information cards. Also future Microsoft identity server products will support OpenID.

Source: O’Reilly Radar > OpenID Gets a Boost From Microsoft


  1. Chris – OpenID is good now – and it’ll just get better now, I’m sure. I just wish more startups would begin endorsing it – and I think they will (I ask every new site I sign into about it!)


  2. I saw this a few hours ago when Chris Messina twittered it. I’m pretty excited, OpenID is a great tool, and Microsoft is a great company to have behind it (yes, me, the Mac/Linux user… *shock*) I’ve had an ID for awhile, but I’ve only started exploring OpenID services. There’s a lot out there.


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