Our kids are deaf and annoying

I woke up a couple hours early this morning, and had a long day. So I tried going to sleep very early (7pm!).

It didn’t work out well. Just as I was dozing off the home phone rang. I looked and saw it was my ex calling for the kids, so I rolled back over. I have seven phones in the house – surely one of my kids would answer one of them.

These kids can hear their cell phone ring, in their backpack, which they forgot in the trunk of the car, which is in the garage. But they seem not to be able to hear the home phone.

So the second time she called I got up, and took the phone to my kids – each of them sitting 5 feet from a phone. And each with ear-buds shoved in their ears.

So that brings me to an invention – put a little computer in the ear buds that mutes the music/video game/whatever when it detects something that sounds like a telephone – or a door bell. Or even someone knocking at the door. While you are at it, add in a mute for an annoyed parental yell.

Come on – the “clap-on clap-off” has been around forever. We can’t do something that’s really useful with similar technology now?


  1. @Rob.. that’s where the remote receivers come in!

  2. @Paul – yes, I used to sell these at Radio Shack 25 years ago. And if there were phone jacks in my kids room, they might just work 🙂

  3. Until you have your gadget designed, developed, tested, patented, marketed and on the shelves … why not use THIS (cheap!):


  4. Good idea, Rob! I don’t think it’s difficult either…you should really keep filing patents on each of your ideas…Apple files patents for every tiny, tiny bit of innovation that they do – and it all adds up over the years(the iPhone). There’s a lot of money you could make here 🙂