Outstanding Customer Response

It’s too bad that I am excited when I get a good customer experience – but the truth is, it’s just not the norm.  Usually it takes days to hear back from a company, if I even hear from them at all.  Kami contacted me right after my first really angry post about Time Warner – she called me on a Saturday morning.  Just to let me vent.  We’ve since actually met, and we get along well – although she knows I’ll continue to post when TW disappoints me. (Rob reminds self – I haven’t had a Time Warner issue in a couple months, and I should note that!).  But am I more understanding of the challenges Time Warner faces in servicing so many unique customers now?  Sure I am.  It won’t throttle my posts, but it will ensure they are fair.

HEB called me just a day or so after I complained about their radishes being nasty.  I was already a happy HEB customer.  They made sure I stayed one.

Scrapblog is a very cool site – but they have one thing that annoys the heck out of me, and keeps me from using the service.  I used the online form to leave feedback and I got an email back from Carlos, one of the founders, just minutes later.  I won’t go into details on the issue, because for most people it is petty.  Try Scrapblog – it is very, very cool.  It’s even more cool that the co-founder monitors the customer issues as closely as Carlos does.  I haven’t bitched about my petty issue with Scrapblog because Carlos makes me LIKE Scrapblog.  By responding to me.  Quickly.  And by caring what I think.

Customer service isn’t always about solving customer issues, but it is always about caring about them.


  1. Rob, still not able to comment from FF…

  2. Only wish they had PR people in Schools and Colleges…

    And, also wish all PR people were alike 😉

  3. And solving them whenever possible too. Thanks for the kudos and the suggestions too.