Over a year ago – but still true now

I had a potential client call me tonight about this blog post which I wrote over a year ago. He told me he read it then, and thought it might happen some day. He found it again last week and realized it might just be that day.

We didn’t finalize anything, but it’s nice to know he understood what I was saying – even a year ago. Even if he didn’t realize how soon it would be important to him.

Businesses WILL have to change. I.T. will have to completely reinvent themselves – or be outsourced or open-sourced.

Eventually your workers will control your network, and what they have access to, and how they use it. Your data you can keep – but the network will belong to the employee. Or they will just find a better place to work.

Blanket policies locking out “non-work-related sites” just won’t work. Keeping my xPhone from connecting to the WiFi just won’t work.

Businesses need to figure out how to accommodate these kids now – if they think back, even for a second – they will realize “the kids” will outnumber us soon enough – it was just yesterday that we were the kids. And they will demand more than we did – because if we don’t hire them they will take their ideas and go build a company that we will eventually buy for millions. And even if we hire them they will win over IT.

Eventually. Of course, many an IT manager will destroy a company, or their own career, by fighting this trend tooth and nail until they are no longer relevant. Or they get old and die. Eventually they will lose. But the smart ones will adjust – and flourish. Because just like the progressive companies that are in demand by the new workers – progressive IT people will be in demand.