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 Some bloggers will do anything to increase traffic.  Paul, my good friend, made the post linked to below.  He never even told me he was ill – I thought he was still in New York.  Instead people he didn’t know were poking and prodding him, and making damn sure he didn’t get any sleep.

 He had a heart attack and generates traffic!  Unreal.  Damn, my chest feels tight…

Then he doesn’t even tell anyone – nobody! Shit – shooting pains up the arm…

He has his “coming out party” with a post that doesn’t focus on his illness, but his discomfort with how to respond to an overly-caring care-giver.

I was a care-giver for a long time – a Respiratory Therapist.  I never offered to pray with a patient.  I did drink with a few of them though!  Damn, my fingers are tingly, and I can’t catch my breath.

Ignoring what I consider the inappropriate behavior of the care-giver – Paul was an ass.  For not telling me.  For not telling anyone.  Honestly, Paul – I think you could have gotten EVEN MORE traffic if you would have let us all post our, “Damn, my friend is in the hospital and might die!” posts – that would have built up the hype, you know?

In any case, I am very glad Paul is ok.  I like him a lot, and I haven’t won nearly enough Poker money from him yet for him to leave us.

Lightspeed, Paul!



Last Monday morning, around 2am.

“You KNOW God is with you right now, right?” .. whispered she from behind me.

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  1. ❓ Deannie – I alternate my drinking arms exactly for this reason!

  2. deannie says:

    You know Rob, you really ought to lift weights with BOTH your arms so that the pain is equal on both sides. And I don’t mean the 12 oz weights, either! 😉

  3. All I can say is that you two seem good buddies…

  4. “He never even told me he was ill”

    Rob, thanks for your kind post.
    In any case, I didn’t have the TIME to tell you: by the time I realized it probably wasn’t the common cold, my wife was driving me to the ER.

    But your post made me realize that this devout and religiously pro-active person probably saved my life! I mean, image the story would have gone like this: “Just before entering a room she stopped and walked up next to me, turned around, grabbed my hand, gazed me in the eyes and said: ‘Do you want me to have a beer with you?'”

    As for doing anything for traffic, nah… that’s not something I’m interested in. Besides, if I were, it was a failure: 7 comnments! (14 -/- 7 of my own). That’s the same number of comments I get when I post absolutley nothing (other than a title) (9 -/- 1 by myself, and a misplaced one)!
    But then again, I welcomed every single one of them!
    Every now and then it’s reassuring to know that people worry about you.
    For the right reasons… 😉

    As for that poker money … start saving, buddy!