Pay attention to WWW

I just looked a few weeks worth of stats.  60% of the people who type my URL in directly type  40% of people type in

Too many companies either just do the www or don’t do it at all (look at this company – run my a friend of mine – here’s the WWW link, and here’s the no WWW link.

Both should work, certainly.  I would even argue that browsers should accomodate this not, and search both.  But they don’t (always).

So when you are setting up DNS for a domain, set up both AND  It really shouldn’t cost you a nickel more, and shouldn’t take more than an extra few seconds.

But it can save you a ton of missed visits.



  1. That’s good advice, and what I always tell my customers to do as well.Well, at least that’s what I told my customers, but that’s another story.Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say I did respond to the question you posed during our ‘debate’ we had on deannie’s blog on Sept. 13th. Not sure if you read it or not.Anyway, have a good one.~