PhotoCycle Teaser

PhotoCycle is a new Video Show with Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk and Marc Silber.

It hasn’t launched yet, but here is a little teaser.  This is one show I am really looking forward to!

If the video embed below doesn’t work, here is the direct link


First, we’ll, be taking you to meet some of the true masters of photography such as our walk with Annie Leibovitz through her show. She told us how she got some of her remarkable shots, for example her nude Vanity Fair cover of Demi Moore.  As Annie told it “Demi led the shoot and dropped her dress”

We’ll also be checking in with the family of photography masters such as our trip  to Yosemite with Michael Adams, Ansel’s son where he told us stories such as how Ansel got his famous shot of the moon over half dome, taken on his way to happy hour—just like you or I could have!

We’ll stop at Wildcat Hill, Edward Weston’s home and stand where he shot many of his famous images and talk with his grandson Kim, who by the way also shoots nudes—should be interesting.

We’ll be going on classic PhotoWalks where we strike out to accessible, photo-rich locations to see shots, discuss how to get them and again learn from these experiences.

We’ll also be exploring the business side of photography to get an inside view of making a living with photography.

Finally we’ll be passing along weekly tips and tricks to better your craft. We’ll learn from those who have mastered digital photography.

PhotoCycle will take you to meet some of the world’s top innovators in photography, yet I’ll be tailoring the show to you and your interests.